We are J.P. Schwartz

J.P. Schwartz, Inc. is a small business with a big heart.  John Schwartz founded the company in August 2006 after deciding he would use his tech skills to do more good in the world.
So after nearly a year in business, it was time for John to add an employee and head to the next level.  The logical choice was to add a team member to do the things that quite simply John didn't love to do, and so he found Jenn.

Jenn was quite different from John, and that was good for John and for the business.  You see, John is a super-smart, fairly analytical, mostly nerdy tech guy who loves all things computers, camping, skiing, and the occasional fantasy gaming or sci-fi movie.  Jenn's the all-things-admin girl, she's colorful and abstract, loves yoga, writing, and staring at the ocean. An unlikely pairing that somehow was just the right match for the job.

Together, John and Jenn grew J.P. Schwartz, Inc. to the company it is today and also grew a great friendship.  Along the way, there were laughs, arguments, and whiteboard meetings in a tiny home office that would last for hours.  Planning meetings took place in home kitchens, and even while running together on Colorado roads.  There were shifts in roles, new employees, and some sad good-byes too.

Year by year, little by little, the company took shape, and today J.P. Schwartz, Inc. is known for our remote work environment allowing our employees to have true work-life balance.  From CEO to part-time tech, everyone is treated as a valued member of the team. And we view our clients as more than just a network of computers - they are real people with their own stories and their own businesses, and we love to see them thrive.  J.P. Schwartz, Inc. is more than an IT company - it's a partnership, a friendship, a family.

As for John and Jenn, "the original two", they continue to grow, shape, define and redefine what excellence looks like to this small but mighty company.   Want to get to know us even better?  Give us a call and meet your newest friends in the IT business, you won't regret it!

Tech Spotlight

Kelsi is a former United States Navy machinist turned Computer Technician. He traveled all over the world during his time in the Navy but ultimately settled back into Montana with his dog Kenji to be close to friends and family.

John and Kelsi met through a mutual interest in fantasy gaming and became fast friends. After hundreds of hours of training with John, and with an ever-increasing skill set, Kelsi has become a full-fledged member of the  J.P. Schwartz Inc. team.