EdTech Fusion
A Division of J.P. Schwartz, Inc.

We understand that technology plays an integral role in student learning and development. That's why we're passionate about providing current technologies in order for students to be prepared for higher education and their future careers.

With the help we provide, students become active participants in their education, which sets their creativity free, thereby inspiring them to reach higher and to stay engaged in their education.

Our technologies help teachers to stay current in their professional development, and to supplement their curriculums in exciting new ways.

Our goal is to bring a solutions-based approach that will positively impact student learning, including positive outcomes in areas such as graduation rates, student mastery, student resiliency, and testing results.

By partnering with the school to understand the student learning environment, we are able to tailor education technology that supports the school's specific environment, curriculum, and mission.

Why We Support Education

We believe in supporting our local schools, teachers, and students.  The students of today are our future; the caretakers, the problem solvers, the community leaders we will look to one day.  At EdTech Fusion we partner with schools to tailor technology to best support their specific environment, curriculum, and mission.

"I measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her fellow human beings." -Margaret Mead